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Between our ethical manufacturing, local sourcing and a carbon neutral checkout, we consider ourselves a proud eco-conscious brand. With this growing number of initiatives, it might be easy for you to brush past one of our biggest sustainable factors; the one that is the fiber of LAmade's identity. Our fabrics!

We use a wide range of fabrics, but we have 4 star fabrics that we'll always use.
Those superstars are:

This lightweight fabric is perfect for wearing on its own during the warmer months, while still being very easy to layer when things get a little cooler. Our GOTS organic cotton is naturally grown without the use of things that might harm Mother Earth. As they say on their site "Organic agriculture is a production process that sustains the health of ecosystems, soils and people." Here's to keeping the planet healthy!!

We get all of our Micromodal from Lenzing, a company that's changed the fashion game with biode
gradable fabrics that come from cellulose. That's right, biodegradable. According to Lenzing's site, "At the end of their life cycle, our fibers can re-enter the ecosystem, preparing the ground on which new plants grow." This buttery soft fabric is still the one we use the most in our clothing! Whether it's
in ribbed form or flowing over your body as-is, it's been with our brand through it all.

This American grown cotton is a 1 percenter - only 1% of cotton used in the industry is made out of Supima. This slightly stronger than your average cotton is made out of an extra long staple fiber that lasts longer than conventional cotton and is naturally biodegradable.

A strong fabric, linen is able to be grown in extremely poor crop conditions which means it only uses 6.4 liters of water throughout its life cycle, rather than the 2,700 liters a conventional cotton tee uses (don't worry - our beloved organic cotton is not conventional). On top of that award-worthy low water usage, our linen is low on pesticide usage - using 13% less in our tops than in your average vegetable. Maybe turn your grocery list into an online shopping list?? We kid, of course veggies are vital to health in the same way linen is vital to a chic closet.